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Requesting / Claiming Wanted Characters

Requesting / Claiming Wanted Characters

Started by Stormwolfe

Oct 22, 2018, 03:33 PM

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Wanted Characters
If you have active characters in the RPG, but would like to flesh them out with specific connections, you request those in this forum. Wanted Characters are usually friends, family, romantic interest, spouse/partner, enemies, etc. 

Creating a Want Ad
  • Create a topic. Title = What for Who (example: Nemesis for Brychan Nightstorm).
  • Note to Requestor: Once a character has been claimed and approved for play, you have surrendered control. Complaining to admin about how it is played is not advisable.

Copy the Form
  • Click Select to Highlight the code.
  • Right click to copy it.
  • Paste into the new topic.
  • Complete the form.
  • Submit the topic.
Code Select
[b]Requesting For[/b]
Link to the profile of the character that this wanted is for.

List as Negotiable, Open, or the name you want the character to have.

[b]Relationship Details[/b]
Brief synopsis of the wanted character's relationship to the requestor's character.

[b]Appearance / Avatar[/b]
List the name of the preferred avatar or state it is negotiable or open. If open, please write a short
description of what you're looking for.

[b]Additional Notes[/b]
Anything else that someone looking to claim this character should know.

Claiming a Wanted Character
  • Reply to the topic.
  • Provide any relevant details regarding the claim.
  • Be sure to @ mention the Roleplayer that requested the character so they know you replied.
  • Once you and the creator are in agreement go HERE ADD LINK and follow the directions for creating a character.
  • When the profile is complete, Admin will approve it providing all the usual information is in it that is required.
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