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Out of Character (OOC) forums.


If you need to take a long or short term leave of absence, post that information here.

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Help Me!

Guest friendly forum.

If you have questions or need technical assistance, please post here.

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OOC Discussions

Temporary forum for discussing the site, the RPG, and testing various features / changes, etc. This forum is now enabled for IC test posting and IC JPs. This means, if you edit a post, it is going to show up as an alert.

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Ruses & Intrigues

Character Development, Plotting & Planning Discussions, etc.

Character Sheets

Redirect link to downloadable character sheet templates. Available file types: .rtf, .docx, .pdf, .pages, .txt (plain text). However, you will need to fill out our online character sheet and have it reviewed before the character will be available for play.

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Characters Wanted

The Character Wanted Ads forum is for members to post characters that they would like for someone to pick up for playing. These characters have some connection to established and played characters. New members and Guests are welcome to browse the Want Ads to see if a character interests them.

Guests will need to contact the wanted ad's Poster via our Discord. Please click on the link in the main menu to join our server.

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Plotting & Planning

Use this forum for fleshing out and discussing current in-play plots. These can be site-wide plots or smaller, character-driven plots, etc. You may also discuss all kinds of plotting and planning in our Discord's #plotting-planning channel.

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Plot Requests

Got an idea or a plot you would really love to see happen for your character? This is the forum for you! Submit your Plot Requests here. Members involved can collaborate, plan, and leave messages for one another. Optionally, members can use our Discord. 

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The Chronicles

IC (in-character) writing.


The Kingdom of Aquitaine is a nation whose rulers and people disavow all magick. They are devoted to the kingdom's primary religion, the Circle of Light, also called the Congregation Lumiaris. Anyone that tests positive for magical powers are deported - or worse.

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Bassilith Island

Bassilith Island is the realm of the Ddraig, Sídhe, and many of the Wyr that survived the destruction of the island-continent, Uthuria. The primary areas are Siege Perilous, Annwyn Court, and the sea port of Duskhallow. Many Wyr have settled in the valley of Caer Draenar where they help guard passage to the island.

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Kingdom of Vales

The Kingdom of Vales consists of numerous city-states that control small, medium, or large territories. Each city-state's central city rules its territory with little interference from Vales and its High King. The High King does keep a powerful representative and small peace-keeping regiment at the capital of each city-state.

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The Kingdom of Tynar-Dazûr was founded by Helvár of the Singing Deeps, who united the clans of the Dwarrow against the Troggs. After the war was won, the clans chose him as their King. To this day his bloodline rules Tynar-Dazûr and Helvár is one of the most revered dwarrow in history.

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Everywhere Else

Forum for posts in lands that do not have a dedicated forum or on Earth before a Traveler is caught up by one of the transient portals (before their arrival on Aereth as there is no going back).

As we had more members and / or activity in specific countries / nations / lands, we will add more IC forums.

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Completed or abandoned plots, threads, discussions.


Threads, plots and posts are considered abandoned after 60 days of inactivity by the writers (unless a leave of absence is posted). These items will be locked and moved to this forum for 90 days. If they are not reclaimed, they will be deleted.

To reclaim a thread, reply to it and tell Admin which IC forum it needs moved to.

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Completed threads, plots, and storylines will be moved to the appropriate subforum.

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OOC Archives

One off topics without relevant information to the site will be deleted once they are marked complete (locked). If a topic has information with ongoing relevance such as rule changes, etc., it will be archived here.

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